H20 For Life

I’m sure we’ve all gotten this overused piece of advice from someone in our lives: “Do you drink enough water during the day? You’re probably dehydrated. Just make sure to carry a water bottle with you.”

While our friends and family are usually our #1 support system and are only trying to help, if they don’t have the same illness, they just won’t be able to understand quite as well as we want them to. It’s hard to explain to someone we care about that we are tired of hearing this “you need to drink more water” phrase.

We could drink a Costco sized pack of water bottles and still feel this pulsing, throbbing, picking (insert adjective here) headache. In some cases, we might actually be dehydrated. But it’s 90% of the time not the case. It can be frustrating to hear this same piece of advice time and time again. It can be even harder though, to not get frustrated with the person telling it to us.

I know that I sometimes struggle with getting my thoughts and reactions across to a person I care about in a way that doesn’t seem rude or short, during an episode up in my noggin. We try so hard to not focus on the constant pain, that sometimes we forget the pain we may be accidentally causing someone else when they’re just trying to help us.

May we all realize that the people around us are simply trying to help with our problems that arise and may they realize that we are simply not dehydrated.

p.s. go drink some water after you read this

2 thoughts on “H20 For Life

  1. jane mccormick says:

    Oh I can so relate to the ‘drink more water’ advice frustration. If I could have a penny for every bit of unsolicited and unhelpful advice I have got over my 45 years of living with chronic migraine I would be a millionaire! It doesn’t just come from family and friends but sometimes from random people who have no clue as to what chronic pain is. That I have not killed someone who has earnestly suggested I to put drops of lavender on my pillow is a miracle. Here are a few more snake oil suggestions….take vinigar and honey 3 times a day, go to a faith healer in Leitrum/ roscommon/monaghan who cured their mothers migraine, put magnets in your shoes, aromatherapy ( it’s still bloody perfume missus) gluten free diet, herbs, spices, get rid of your wi-Fi, haver your Mercury fillings taken out ECT ect ect……I could fill a book with daft suggestions I have had to smile and thank people kindly for when realy I want to scream. To avoid these episodes of annoyance I rarely tell people I have chronic migraine…..if my disability comes up in conversation I call it chronic pain and leave it at that. It’s enough that we live with daily pain without having to entertain quack like advice. Rant over now I promise….
    Best of luck with your blog…..I love the title…..we need a hero to tell it like it is.


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