Find The Pleasure In The Pain

I have an app that sends me daily inspirational quotes. It’s cheesy but effective. There are some days that I need more of a push to keep my mind positive and not to sulk around all day when my pain is really getting to me. 

This one seemed like too much of a coincidence given my new blog just starting. Being an optimist can be hard and trying. Sometimes, it feels like it just isn’t worth it. But I’ve realized (thanks to my sister) that sometimes we can use our difficulties to bring about opportunities for ourselves, instead of waiting for them to present themselves to us. That’s why I’ve taken her advice and started this blog. To create an opportunity to vent about some frustrations but even better, to try to reach out to and help people feeling the same way I am. Instead of dwelling on how I don’t feel well and how I haven’t found any solutions, it’s so much better for me to find a support community and positivity in the situation.

No matter what we’re going through, may it be a chronic illness, job stress, family drama, relationship problems, or anything that’s causing us physical, mental or emotional pain, we can search deeper to find opportunity within our problem that will not only help us but help others. It can often feel like there’s no possibility to find a positive opportunity within our struggles, but it may take talking to others or thinking outside the box to find it.

May we try to find a positive from our pain to heal ourselves and extend a healing hand to others.

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