Cheers To A Hopefully Relaxing Weekend 

Weekends bring about relaxation, much needed rest and also plans, activities and much needed energy to be a part of those plans. Sometimes we catch a break and feel good for the weekend. We’re excited about seeing our friends or families and getting to maybe be outside for a few hours. But other times, our pain decides how we’ll feel. Lethargic, frustrated and not feeling up to doing anything.

When that happens for me, I get sad because I know I’ll be missing out on whatever my friends have planned. It’s hard to face that sometimes we just can’t do what we planned or what we wanted, and it’s even harder trying to explain that to our friends sometimes. But while our pain continues, the world keeps spinning. Plans continue, friends still gather and our FOMO (yep I get fear of missing out like nobody’s business) kicks in.

Lately, I just have to remind myself that life is unpredictable and we have to take it as it comes. I try not to be so upset when my headaches make me miss out on weekend plans. And I feel truly blessed and really cherish the weekends where I am able to go out and do fun things.

So hopefully we can keep the “mind over matter” thoughts in our heads as we head into another beautiful weekend in this beautiful life. And that we take advantage of every chance we get to enjoy a beautiful weekend like this one. 

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