One Good Thing About Music, When It Hits You, You Feel No Pain

Ever since I can remember, music has been an escape for me. Not creating it or writing it (not everyone is blessed with musical talents) but simply opening my mind and listening to it. I’m not a picky listener. I’m not genre biased. I don’t enjoy one kind of music over another. I just enjoy good music.

Whether I was laying in bed with a pounding head, crying over some relationship gone wrong, brooding over an argument, frustrated with the difficulties I’ve faced, hitting an emotional rock bottom, or just having “one of those days” it’s always music that soothes my soul. I put on my favorite songs and let them heal me. Music eases my mind and my heart. It gives me advice when I don’t want it. It wipes away my tears and holds my hand through the storms.

In contrast, when I’m having an unexpectedly great pain-free day, music keeps me lifted. It keeps my spirits high. It makes the grass a little greener and the sky a little bluer.

Music tells us stories we can relate to. Songs take us on journeys when we aren’t strong enough to create a journey for ourselves. 

I’d like to share with you songs that have helped me through rough times, stood by my side when I needed a friend, and helped keep my smile strong. Music has helped me hold on to hope when I am constantly hearing unhelpful answers from doctors, or coming back from another trip to the smelly hospital.

I’ll try to share a song a week. Later today I’ll post the first one. (I feel it necessary to remind everyone that these won’t be my songs. I didn’t write them, produce them, what have you. I just enjoy the sounds they create. Gotta cover all your bases posting on the Internet these days)

Hopefully these songs can do for you what they’ve done for me. Or at least inspire you to find some music yourself to keep you company during your own hardships.

Living with chronic pain is a battle. This life is a roller coaster. Some days will be great and other days make you not want to wake up. Everyone needs a method(s) of healing. One of mine is music.

Bob Marley really knew what he was talking about, people.

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