Mary’s The Name, MRI’s Are My Game 

scheduling yet another (two actually) MRI(s) because my doctor just reviewed my imaging from 5 years ago and noticed something. 

–how they’re just now noticing it, I don’t really understand. But at least he’s actively trying to help me now and reached out to me through a message board on his own to suggest more testing. Usually it’s like pulling teeth trying to get advice from a doctor when you’re not a scheduled visitor sitting in the room right next to them.–

So two more MRI’s, one with and one without contrast. Meaning yet another IV for my strong little arm. To say I hate needles is an understatement, really. Yet the irony in this world already had it planned that needles and I would besties through this life. (Even when you tell them to go, they come crawling right back) 

Hoping for some answers after I go back in the test tunnel (that damn MRI machine is not fit for people with claustrophobia)

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