Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop


Even through all the frustration, I try my best to keep taking proactive steps toward finding solutions to my problems and fixes for my pain. I retraced my steps by starting to go back to all the doctor’s I’ve visited over the past ten years, starting with the eye doctor.

After an eye exam, I find out that my right eye is farsighted and my left is nearsighted. Have astigmatism in both my eyes as well. So while I know that this isn’t the cause of my headaches, that’s just a disorder I have, it could be adding additional stress and pain. So I got glasses.

I’ve never had glasses before so it’s a definite adjustment, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Since we can’t control the chronic pain/disorders/illnesses that we’re handed, we have to try to control all the other outside factors if we can (eye problems, environmental issues, allergies, etc.) So I try my best to control the things that I can, and that includes getting glasses.

We must always stay positive and try to keep moving forward by proactively seeking solutions for ourselves. We have to try everything in our power to control what we can, since there is so much that we can’t control.

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