Stronger Than Superman

A pretty bold headline there, but I’m goin for it.

Earlier today I had to get another MRI, this time with and without the contrast dye so that meant another needle to the arm to deliver the contrast dye. I’m trying to target what’s causing my headaches (as I have been trying to do for the past 8 years.) But lately I’ve been making more momentum with my neurologist and really taking different paths and options to see if I stumble upon any answers. So that meant more testing.

Not only do I hate (and often faint after) being stuck with needles, I also am slightly claustrophobic so being inside an MRI machine isn’t my idea of a Sunday Funday.

However, I didn’t exactly have a choice.

One thing that fascinates me in a really great way, is seeing how strong some people are. Especially people going through a medical problem, people who have chronic pain or a chronic disorder/illness, people who time after time, haven’t been given any answers. These people are the strongest. (I like to think I’m included in this category, heh.)

At times, we break. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be human. But we have to stay strong through all the poking and prodding because if we didn’t, we wouldn’t be fighting. We have to remain physically strong during treatments, testing, hospital visits, surgeries and periods of time where the pain is unbearable. We have to remain emotionally strong in order to not give in to depression, anxiety and such but also to help support the people who support us. We have to stay emotionally strong for others, because it’s hard on them seeing us go through these things. We have to remain mentally strong during times when we simply want to stop trying, and let life be life and just live with what we’ve got.

People who go through cancer and life-threatening illnesses are superhuman in my eyes. I know that what I go through, while it’s painful, debilitating and frustrating, it still could be much much worse. The people who have it worse and fight through all of that, I give you an everlasting standing ovation.

The strongest people around us are not the ones with the bulging biceps or toned six pack. They’re the ones who fight a battle every day even when they lose, keep on fighting.

You may not be 6’3, sporting a strong jaw and a rockin suit with an S on your chest. You can’t leap buildings in a single bound. No that’s not you. Because you, my friend are stronger than that. You are stronger than Superman.

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