Song Of The Week: Grey Street by Dave Matthews Band

How she wishes it was different
She prays to God most every night
And though she swears it doesn’t listen
There’s still a hope in her it might

This song found me during a time years back when I was feeling just like the girl this song is about: empty, a little hopeless and just wanting to change so many things about my life. Dealing with a chronic disorder, or really any type of pain, physical or emotional, takes its toll on a person’s life at one time or another. No matter how strong someone may be, there is still a part of them wanting help and answers.

I know at times that my chronic pain has left me feeling like I’ll never find answers. Like I just want to escape from my body for a little bit and not have to deal with what I’ve been given. It sometimes feels like my prayers aren’t being heard, no matter how many times I speak them.

While this song isn’t one that necessarily uplifted me during a time of need, it is one that made me feel connected to something. It made me feel a little less alone. It made me feel heard, instead of feeling like no one could hear my silent screams. When I heard this song, at the time it felt like this song was made specifically for me. It’s about reaching out to those people who feel like they’re locked away from the world around them and they can’t seem to find an escape.

Songs like this are powerful because everyone wishes to be heard, even if they don’t want to speak their thoughts outloud. Everyone wants to feel like they can relate to something else, instead of feeling like they’re the only one feeling how they are.

Dave Matthews Band does a seriously awesome job at creating songs that do that for people. This song in particular. If you aren’t a big Dave fan (are you an alien??) or you haven’t really ever listened to his songs, give them a chance. You will probably find one you feel like was written specifically for you. If you do know this song, just hit play and click repeat a few times to find a few minutes to yourself, completely blocking out the world around you.

–side note, DMB concerts are worth a trip if he’s ever in town near you and you’re feeling up to a concert–

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