Invisible Illness Awareness Week: Courage


As it’s Invisible Illness Awareness Week, I wanted to give a shout out to everyone out there battling an invisible illness, disorder or pain. Other’s can’t see the fight we fight day in a day out, so it makes it harder for them to understand just how difficult it can be sometimes. When we say we don’t feel well, there are often looks of concern, confusion or even disbelief because it doesn’t show on the outside. Well, if we could give you a sense of how it felt on the inside, we would–and we try to. It’s hard to explain to others how even though we look ok (and about the effort it takes to just look presentable some days) when we really do not feel anything close to ok.

But today, I want to encourage you to just keep trying. Don’t let people who don’t understand discourage you. Don’t let your battle beat you. Don’t let your invisible illness make you, yourself, invisible in this world.

Show the world your strength and courage by continuing to fight your fight.

For us, showing courage may not happen through loud words and actions. Instead, our courage is shown when we tell ourselves to keep trying, keep fighting and keep going when some days that’s extremely hard to do. Courage is going to bed feeling discouraged and in pain, but telling yourself “I will try again tomorrow. I will continue to fight tomorrow. I will hope for a better tomorrow.”

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