The Search For The Right Doctor

For people with chronic pain, disorders or illnesses, finding a doctor that really listens to you, answers every single question, and actually is proactive about finding you answers, is very difficult. It’s a tasking processs and by no means a short one.

I started getting headaches around the age of 12 and started seeking treatment around age 14. I have seen so many doctors I forget about them until my parents mention something like “well remember that one doctor said…” And I go “oh yeahhh…forgot about them.” 

Countless practices, front desk faces, nurses and doctors. It’s kind of like that rascal flatts song that says “God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you.” Yeah that’s how I think of it.

After all those years and hours spent waiting to see a new doctor, I found a practice and doctor I really love. I was there today (again) and I felt like when I was talking to the PA, she was actively listening and giving me all of the information and advice she had and could think of.  

You know it’s a good practice too when you have to book like 3-6 months in advance an appointment to see the actual neurologist. Before that, you have to see the PA. It shows he’s in very high demand, and while my schedule doesn’t like that, I really do. Gives me confidence that he knows his stuff. 

So to everyone out there who is still searching for a doctor that seems to really want to listen and help, they’re out there. Just keep looking. Keep up that trial and error process to eliminate the ones who aren’t helping. Don’t let any doctor dismiss you or your problem! 

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