Tie A Knot & Hold On

IMG_8333 (1)

We all feel like we’ve reached the end of our rope sometimes. I know I’ve hit times where it feels like even if I put forth all my effort into finding answers, it won’t amount to anything. So why keep trying? I’ve hit points like this where I decide to just deal with the pain and stop bothering to continue to seek help. It’s hard to keep trying when you just don’t see the point.

While we’re all allowed to feel this way (an it really is inevitable for people with chronic pain and illnesses), it’s just not healthy or helpful to ourselves.

When we feel this way, we have to try to find new routes and alternatives instead of hitting a dead end. We have to tie that knot and hold on. Hold onto the hope that we will eventually find something of worth. Hold onto the feeling of joy we get when we find something that actually does help. Hold onto the idea that we can create new paths for ourselves when we truly try to.

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