Chronically Grateful Day 5: Who On Your Family Support Team Are You Most Grateful For?

This isn’t really a fair question, because I’m extremely grateful for everyone in my family. Over the years, no matter how good or bad I may have been feeling, they have been there for me every single second.

Words can never express how grateful I am for my parents. They accompany me to doctor appointments, pay for my multiple emergency room visits, blood tests, exams, etc. They provide me nonstop emotional, physical, and financial support, even when it’s not easy for them. There are times when I let my frustration get the better of me and lash out at them or speak in a tone I wish I didn’t have. It’s only because I am frustrated with my health. Even when it becomes frustrating for them too, they never leave my side. They’re my shoulders to cry on (metaphorically and literally). 

I’m grateful for my four siblings as well. They’re constantly asking me what they can do to help me feel better and making sure I have what I need when my head decides it’s going to be a painful day. They listen when all I need is to just vent and complain about my situation, but they also lend advice and support to help me feel better.

Without my family, I’d be lost ❤️

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