Even Big Names Suffer From Big Pain 

Redskins player suffers from and raises awareness of cluster headaches
As a headache sufferer, I have often felt like the only person in the world who experiences this type of debilitating pain. However, there are way more people than we think who are going through something similar: which is why we need to raise awareness of this actual neurological disorder. It’s great seeing a big name player speaking out to raise awareness (even though it’s terrible he has to experience it.)
While I’ve never experienced a cluster headache (honestly the only type I’ve never experienced) I can understand the amount of pains and fear Terrance lives with and I can sympathize with him. I’ve been in the situation where I’ve had to play through a game with a migraine, but I can’t imagine being a professional athlete with that condition. Headaches don’t care what your profession, ethnicity, age, or gender is. They do not discriminate. 

We need to spread the word that headaches aren’t just something you feel when your laptop takes forever to load or you realize you drank one too many Jack and cokes the night before; they are a widespread neurological disorder that needs attention. And I’m glad someone with a bit of pull is finally stepping out for the cause. 

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