Chronically Grateful Day 16: How Do You Turn To a Positive Place When You’re Having a Bad Day?

All too often we can find ourselves in bad places. Throughout my journey I’ve seen numerous days of endless head pain, emotional distress and mental worry. It’s hard to get yourself to turn your frown upside down πŸ™ƒ when you are in these kinds of moods. However, I try to remind myself that while a good cry every once in a while is warranted and good for the soul, no good will come from sitting around sulking all day long. ☝🏼️ I find reaching out to a few good friends to make me laugh always gets me smiling. I like watching my go to comedies (aka Friends and The Office) because those are guaranteed to lighten my mood and make me laugh no matter how many times I’ve seen the same episodes. Also, I’ve found ice cream and pizza work wonders. πŸ˜ŠπŸ•πŸ¦

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