Chronically Grateful Day 17: What Major Lesson Have You Learned From Living With a Chronic Condition?

After close to 10 years of dealing with my chronic and exertion headaches, I have learned that I truly can do anything but not everything. I’ve pushed through terrible headaches during fastpitch tournaments in the blazing heat 🔥, hiking miles up and down a mountain🏔, working a full time job💻, and smiling when it seemed impossible. After all that, I know I can do anything.

However, after having to quit playing the game I loved, skipping the group hiking trips, calling in sick to work sometimes, and often missing out on some of the adventures and activities my friends have planned, I know that I can’t do everything. I’ve learned to prioritize my health so that I don’t push myself when I know it would only lead me to feel even worse. I’ve learned that my headaches come during times I find inconvenient and disappointing, but I know that when its all said and done, I need to look after my health before all else ☝🏼️. It was a lesson learned after much stubbornness and denial, but it’s one my body thanks me for now. 

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