Chronically Grateful Day 29: Are There Any Parts Of Your Life You’ve Had To Put On Hold?

Growing up, I was always very active: playing sports, running around outside with friends, almost always moving or exercising. While my headaches made me quit playing softball, I was still able to lift, do yoga, and be active. However, the past few months, I’ve had to put my active life on hold. It hurts too much to do any cardio, lifting and most of the time, even yoga. My head is aggravated by simple things such as walking up stairs. It’s upsetting as someone who likes to be active, but it’s something I can’t really control. I’ve learned to accept these things I have to put on hold and find other hobbies and things to occupy my time and thoughts. When you run into your own “wall” you have to try to find a new route, a new path until the wall has been brought back down again. 

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