Fight With Faith

Today on the way to work, I was listening to the @bobbybonesshow while they were doing their radio telethon for @stjude. The stories that were shared by kids and the parents of kids affected by cancer were not only heartbreaking but also filled with hope. One little boy, named Chance, shared his story before passing away at the all too young age of 11. He said his life motto was “fight with faith” and after hearing it, I’m taking that as my own life motto. Faith can move mountains and I try to fight all of my battles with faith. 

Kids who fight those battles against diseases like cancer have the strength that will never cease to amaze me. Their hope and faith stand strong through hardships I can’t even imagine. 

Side note: if you’ve never checked out the St. Jude website, I suggest you go check it out now and maybe even donate to help give hope to little kids like Chance and their families! 

It breaks my heart hearing little kids and their parents share their stories about battling cancer. Yet, they inspire to live a life full of love, adventure, hope, faith, and most importantly, generosity. Even the smallest amount of donations will help someone who needs care. 

We all have something to share and offer, whether it’s time, money, or good thoughts and prayers.

St. Jude

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