Trust Me, I’m An Expert

Being an expert in your field requires advanced knowledge, dedication, commitment, & professionalism. Not many people can be labeled as “experts” and those that are hold power and intelligence that others only grasp at. But here I am: a 22 year old, 5 foot nothin, headache expert.

If I met a stranger on the street and he asked me to describe myself do you think that person would expect me to say I’m an expert at anything? I’m 22 looking like I’m 18, fresh out of college with little experience under my belt. If I said the words “I consider myself an expert”, that person would look at me like “honey, please.” or maybe give me the whole fake smile and nod number.

By taking a quick look at me, a stranger wouldn’t guess how many years I’ve spent building my expertise on my headaches. I’ve been researching them, experiencing them, studying them, conducting tests against them, etc for years. I grew up with them. I experienced childhood carelessness & joy, adolescent angst & drama, college adventures & craziness, and maturing, stressful adulthood with them. I’ve learned from them and have been failed by them.

I know about migraines, tension headaches, cluster headaches, hungry headaches, thirsty headaches, tired headaches, exertion headaches, sinus headaches, allergy headaches and the likes.

I know triggers and preventatives. I know medications that help and medications that do absolutely nothing. I know what meds will knock a headache out (if possible) and which ones will just dim them down.

I can explain why certain medications are used for different headaches, how they work to battle the pain, and the side effects that will come from them.

I can tell one type of headache from another by just the slightest difference in pain and feeling.

Unlike other experts out there though, I didn’t choose my area of expertise: it chose me. But my knowledge is extensive and vast.

I don’t claim to be a headache specialist or doctor. I’m not an expert in neurological disorders. I don’t know what causes other’s headaches or what will 100% make them go away. But I am my own headache specialist. I am an expert on my own headaches.

I do believe that there’s always more to learn, no matter how knowledgeable you feel about a subject. Experts may think they know all there is to know about their expertise. I know though, that I will continue to learn, continue to find new facts to store away.

Life hands us these little gifts we may not have wished for, but that we won’t be able to get rid of. It’s in our power to become an expert on these gifts. Learn the ins and outs of how they work, how they can be maintained, and how to cope with their presence.

If you stop and think about your own situation, I bet you’ll see that you know so much more about yourself and your condition than you ever really considered. Do you consider yourself an expert as well?


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