No Journey Without Winding Roads

What would kind of journey would it be if there were only straight paths? Sometimes we don’t expect the sharp curves and get thrown off balance. That’s a little how I feel right now.

As I posted earlier today, I’m on a progressive track to finding some answers for my headaches. Yet, it seems as one good thing comes along, life throws yet another curve ball my way.

The past two weekends I’ve ended up in the ER. The first time was due to a completely careless and negligent restaurant that cross contaminated my food with fish (I have a severe seafood allergy) which sent me to the ER. They didn’t take my allergy serious enough, even though every allergy stated by a patron at a restaurant should be taken very seriously. Since then, I’ve been paranoid and very anxious while eating. The adderall side effect of heightened anxiety doesn’t help that.

This past weekend, though, I ended up in the ER with what was either another allergic reaction or a severe panic attack. However, I didn’t risk taking chances to find out which it was and used my epipen (well rather I made my boyfriend do it for me, which I’m sure was even more nerve wracking than  it would’ve been had I done it myself.) Spent most of the night in the ER getting poked, prodded, and full of anxiety.

However, I look on to the next step which includes: seeking an allergist to really clarify the severity and sensitivity of my allergy, finding ways to deal with my anxiety, and trekking on down the winding road that is my journey.

These past two weekends defeated me, but it is only temporary. We will be get hit by life’s curve balls and it’ll feel like we won’t be able to get back up to the plate again. However, we have to get back up to the plate ready to swing. These single temporary defeats are not our final defeat. We have to continue on prepared for the next bend in the road, knowing that there is something much greater waiting for us at the end of it.

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