Tips and Tricks: Keeping a Health Journal 

This Christmas, I got two planners. One from my sister and one from my mom. They thought two was one too many at the time, but I assured them that it would actually be beneficial! Because wait for it… I can purpose one solely for my health planning and tracking–which is exactly what I did ☝🏼️

 This planner I use to keep track of what and how many meds/supplements I take each day, my doctors appointments, my symptoms, my pain level for each day, new symptoms I notice, any progress or backwards steps I experience, etc.📖 

Sometimes I get behind and have to go back and add info for days I forgot to track, but overall it really helps me keep track of everything going on in my health journey. Most spoonies don’t just have one problem; most of the time we have many issues to take on. Keeping a journal like this one I’ve found to be very helpful! And encouraging at times. 

Special s/o to my mama for buying me this awesome planner ❤ ️

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