Any Insight on Lexapro?

Anyone have any experience taking lexapro? Either for anxiety or for headaches?

My PA at my neurologist office has suggested for the third time that I start it for my headaches but also for my mild anxiety.

She thought it might help my chronic daily headaches as well as the anxiety that comes along with having a chronic disorder for 10 years. 

Started lexapro a couple of days ago and my headaches have been horrible and been feeling like I’m in a total daze. Couldn’t focus all day, dizzy and just weird.

But as someone with headache spells coming as frequently as Santa comes on Christmas, it’s hard to tell if it’s the side effects of a medicine giving me terrible headaches or if it’s just my body being my body. 

Any info or advice is appreciated! 

2 thoughts on “Any Insight on Lexapro?

  1. salnix says:

    I do not know a tremendous amount about Lexapro for headaches, however, lowering anxiety can help the cyclical pattern of CDH. One of the leading headache specialists prescribed Effexor for me, and though it is not a magic pill I see a difference (and let’s face it ANY difference is great). Give it time and see what happens. It may be that you have to try a few different meds to find the one that works for YOU.
    Be well!


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