Food Allergy Awareness Week: My Story

I am incredibly humbled and happy to know that my story reached more than 90,000 people and shared more than 300 times thanks to Food Allergy Research & Education

I shared my story for a couple of reasons:

1. So people with food allergies learn that they need to be able to recognize their symptoms, know how & when to use their epi-pen, and to see how important it is to teach loved ones how to use an epi-pen. 

2. So that people with food allergies feel less alone. So that they don’t feel embarrassed or as if they’re a burden by asking friends, family and restaurant wait staff about cooking processes and allergens.

If at the end of the day my story has helped others in some way or another, than I feel accomplished and happy 😊
You can read my full story through the link below (I’ll also share in a separate blog post shortly 😁)

My Anaphylaxis Story on

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