Love Actually Is All Around Us

Sometimes I find myself feeling sad thinking about the friends I’ve grown apart from and the people who are no longer a part of my story. Sometimes I start to blame my health for limiting how social I have been able to be recently. Sometimes, I convince myself that because of my headaches and how unpredictable my health is, that people don’t enjoy being around me as much as they used to. It’s a humbling, frustrating, and sad feeling. 
It’s much easier said than done, but in these times, I try to force myself to open my eyes to the tremendous amount of love I feel and receive from people around me every day. I have a few very close friends and a big loving, supporting family, and a significant other who would move mountains for me if he could. I realize how lucky I am to have consistent unconditional love from such wonderful people. Which is a humbling, beautiful, warm and joyous feeling. 
In order to see the beauty and love that is all around us, we must first open our eyes and be willing to see it. Don’t ignore the goodness that surrounds you 💕
And on that note ☝🏼️I hope that your weekend is full of heaps of love 😊🌷💛

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