There’s A Purpose Behind Your Struggle: Seeing Your Words Inspire Others

Recently, I was nominated for three WEGO Health Activist Awards. WEGO is an online network of community members who are influential in health knowledge. WEGO Health Activist Awards celebrate those community members who share their stories, knowledge and strength to help inspire and help others who are on their own health journey. It’s an incredibly humbling honor to have been nominated for these awards.


Being nominated means that someone out there read my words, my story, and what I had to share, and was positively impacted by those words and my story. That feeling alone is such a powerful one. It gave me a surge of strength to continue to advocate and inspire in any way that I can.

For so long, I let the struggles of my health problems and my constant battle against my headaches continue to knock me down, and keep me down. I harbored so many negative thoughts on a daily basis.I saw no reason to continue to search for treatments that worked. I didn’t see the point in trying to find answers, because for so long I was lead down dead end roads.

It wasn’t until I was given the idea and the loving push to start this blog that I started to see all of the positive things that have resulted from my battle with chronic daily headaches. As I started to see that writing this blog was helping me cope, I thought that maybe I could help others cope as well–no matter what fight they’re fighting. I wanted to reach people who had reached the point that I had–the point of giving up. Chronic illness can take over our lives if we let it, but we have the power to live our lives the way that we deserve to, without letting chronic illness take us as victims. That’s what I set out to show people like me.

So when I saw that I was nominated for the WEGO Health Activist Awards, I cried. (*spoiler alert: this isn’t overly shocking since I cry at everything including cute puppy videos.*) I felt fulfillment. I felt inspired by the people who I had inspired. I felt strengthened by the people that I somehow strengthened. To know that I had reached at least one other person who is coping with a battle of their own, opened my eyes to the realization that my passion is for health advocacy.

It’s an heart-warming feeling to know that my journey has resided with other people. Your words can help someone else in so many ways you may not have even imagined. Keep sharing your story. Keep spreading your love. Keep inspiring and strengthening the people around you. We all need to be lifted up every once in a while.


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