HAWMC Day 9: My Ideal Day

I wake up around 10 A.M., knowing that I don’t have any schedule to follow. With my eyes opening, there’s no pounding or throbbing in my head–only a refreshed and bright feeling. Being just close enough to the beach to smell the salty air, I know that after a quick breakfast and yoga session that is completed with no exertional headaches presenting themselves, that I can walk down to the sand where it meets the water and just relax for a few hours.

There is no aching, no yawning, and no throbbing allowed on the beach. Only reflection, good music and tan lines. A couple of close friends and loved ones trickle down and lay their towels next to mine, bringing some much wanted company to my presence.

After a few solid hours down by the ocean, it’s time to find something to eat. Pizza sounds awesome. Pizza always sounds awesome, actually. I eat and my head is not affected. There’s no increase in head pain, just an increase in food coma. And what’s a great pizza dinner without a refreshing strawberry margarita to go with it? And again, no increase in head pain as the margarita leaves the glass.

My day wraps up with one of two options, a night out with my friends dancing the night away and adding more margaritas to my tally, or a solid game night full of competition and margaritas. (Am I being too subtle about my love for margaritas?)


The entire day, I have experienced a 0/10 head pain day. No headaches. No frustration. No symptoms. Nothing. I feel nothing–something I haven’t been able to say for the past few years. There’s always been some kind of head pain–never a zero. But today, today it is a zero.

5 thoughts on “HAWMC Day 9: My Ideal Day

  1. Katarina Zulak says:

    Your perfect day makes me want to rethink the one I wrote about 😉 Especially margaritas and dancing, which my body doesn’t appreciate much anymore! Writing about this topic made me a bit nostalgic for things that used to be easy to enjoy. But it also reminded me that I can still enjoy many things I love to do, like being at the beach or walking outside, at least some of the time. I always need to remember that it’s important to make time for fun, especially on days my body is more cooperative!

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