Wednesday Words: Gallimaufry 🌀

This pretty accurately describes the majority of a spoonies life. A confused jumble and medley of things.

Symptoms (and more) are so unpredictable. One day we might feel great and the next day we may feel like we cannot even fathom getting out of bed. Treatments are also unpredictable. Some treatments work, even if only a little bit, and some treatments work so poorly that they may even make our symptoms worse. 

Life is a rollercoaseter for everyone. Ups and downs, unforeseen curves, etc. For people living with chronic illness or disabilities, life is a completely unstable rollercoaster. It’s a gallimaufry. 
 Spot on 👍🏼

Thursday’s Tips & Tricks: Simple Is Good 🌷

Keep it simple, spoonies. 

We push ourselves endlessly to do so many things we want to, we feel obligated to, or we wish we could do. We’re constantly moving during the day between work, doctor appointments, social outings, and somehow managing alone time. 

We can’t do everything in a day. I’ve accepted the fact that complicated is harmful to my health and profess, and that simple is good. 

Spotlight Saturday: A Bill To Financially Assist Families Who Care For People With Disabilities 

This is something that family caregivers of people wth disabilities truly need and deserve. 

Even though they’re family, and they care for their loved ones due to their love for them, they too need help along the way. Caring for someone with a disability is hard. Not to say people aren’t happy to do it, but it can be emotionally taxing, hard on relationships and not to mention extremely and ridiculously expensive. 

Hopefully this bill passes because it would really help people deserving of a helping hand.