What’s the Word? “Kindred” 🌸

I started this blog to help myself and others feel less alone in this life. I used to feel like I was the only one for miles and miles who was battling such chronic and numerous health issues while everyone around me was living normal lives. But I have found a community that makes me feel so supported and not alone. We all are connected even if we’re strangers. The things we share in common help us provide support to one another in order to continue to fight our daily battles. 

There’s a reason we all share our stories here and keep coming back to support each other day after day. It’s because even though we may all be strangers, we are connected through our journeys. We share the similar battles, frustrations and experiences. It’s great to find and feel connected to other people when before you felt like the only one on earth going through what you’re going through. 

Tackle Your Tuesday 

It’s the first day of March, y’all! Where the heck does time goooo (cue the cliche reminiscing and questioning of how time flies so fast)
For me, February was a month of stress, anxiety, ER visits, painful and long headaches, and lots of trying to keep myself positive. 

Well, this month I am going to try my best to remind myself every single that that no matter what happens, that things will work out. Even if things seem scary, overwhelming or impossible, things will work out. 

Gotta keep the faith and battle on 🌸✨ 

Monday Mantra: Words From Buddha 

Maybe you experienced pain, hardship, or struggle yesterday. Good news for you, is that today is a new day and you have the ability to restart every morning. Every day is a new day. Shake off the bad stuff and let yourself restart when you awake from your sleep. Always strive to be a new and better version of who you were the day before. ☯

What’s the Word? 💭

What’s The Word? 💭


A word I used to describe myself in the following way: majority of the time, I believe myself to be a genuinely cheerful, lively, and confident person. Proud of who I am and not afraid to show it in a positive way to those around me. ✌🏼️😊💃🏼 But then there are the times I force myself to appear this way. Where I fraudulently come off as jaunty, when behind closed doors my head is throbbing, my mind is racing, and my frustration is bubbling.
Even people who are truly happy, lively, bubbly, and confident can face hardships and times where even when they aren’t feeling jaunty on the inside, force themselves to show it on the outside to avoid questions/judgement from others, or just to make themselves feel better. 

Spoonies know this to be true. Sometimes our disposition is organically happy and lively–representative of a version of ourselves we are proud to be. And sometimes behind our smiles is something we try never to show–physical and emotional pain we try so hard to battle against. 

Tips and Tricks: Keeping a Health Journal 

This Christmas, I got two planners. One from my sister and one from my mom. They thought two was one too many at the time, but I assured them that it would actually be beneficial! Because wait for it… I can purpose one solely for my health planning and tracking–which is exactly what I did ☝🏼️

 This planner I use to keep track of what and how many meds/supplements I take each day, my doctors appointments, my symptoms, my pain level for each day, new symptoms I notice, any progress or backwards steps I experience, etc.📖 

Sometimes I get behind and have to go back and add info for days I forgot to track, but overall it really helps me keep track of everything going on in my health journey. Most spoonies don’t just have one problem; most of the time we have many issues to take on. Keeping a journal like this one I’ve found to be very helpful! And encouraging at times. 

Special s/o to my mama for buying me this awesome planner ❤ ️

What’s the Word? –Intrepid 

What’s the word?

People with any physical, mental, or emotional struggle who put themselves out there and share their stories–they can be described as intrepid. 

In any case, those of us who put ourselves and our stories out there are fearful of the future and fearful that we’ll never see progress, find answers, or be judged along the way. However, we are living boldly, bravely, and fearlessly. 

Keep on, keepin on 👏🏼