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Scars. We all have them. Whether they’re visible on our skin or deeply hidden underneath it. Either way, we often times try to hide them for everyone else. Doing our research into the most effective cream or at home treatment to rid our skin of its imperfections. Putting on a brave face for the world,… Continue reading Scars

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Mary vs. the MRI Machine

My Neurologist doctor is like that super fancy 5 star restaurant where people are on waiting lists for months just to get a taste of their high-class plates–He’s got a lot to offer, in super high demand, and has to be booked six months out. Most often, I see my Physician Assistant–who is super awesome,… Continue reading Mary vs. the MRI Machine

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The Lotus Flower

It wasn’t planted in a bed of full soil among other lucky seeds. It wasn’t given what others were blessed with. It was born an underdog. I was not built to live in a fully healthy body like so many others around me. I was handed cards that others have been blessed not to have… Continue reading The Lotus Flower

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What’s the Word? Vanquish 

When you try to illustrate victory by attempting to draw a victory flag of sorts but it just ends up looking like a golf course hole….. Yeah.. Oh well.  Whatever! Here’s your word of the week (about 10 weeks late. Whoops)  We all wish we can so easily just defeat our problems, whatever they may… Continue reading What’s the Word? Vanquish 

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What’s This Feeling I Feel?

Is it anger? Resentment? Envy? Maybe a mixture of all three? I don’t really have the right to feel any of them, honestly. I’m angry because it’s like I took three steps forward and ten steps backward. I’m filled with resentment because my peers are out drinking, socializing, and filling their lives with excitement on… Continue reading What’s This Feeling I Feel?

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What’s the Word? ✖️ “Onerous”

Adj. burdensome, troublesome, or oppressive.    AKA many many things people with chronic health problems face day in and day out. A word we don’t like to use, but can’t help but to associate ourselves with. However, because we identify so closely with this word, it results us to also associate ourselves with words like… Continue reading What’s the Word? ✖️ “Onerous”