Thursday’s Tips & Tricks: Podcasts & How to Create Our Own Positive Reality

While I’m a huge advocate of music being able to heal the soul and effectively pull at our heart strings, I’ve recently become a huge fan of podcasts (I know, I’m behind, but no one arrives to the party on time, right?)

So here’s my tip&trick for this week:
Listen to podcasts, and start with this one!

I’ve started listening to podcasts to and from work in the car and today I listened to this one on the way home “What Reality Are You Creating For Yourself?” by Isaac Lidsky. It’s about how we let our fears and anxieties create realities for ourselves, and how to avoid that. So often, we let our unexpected and unfortunate circumstances decide our fate. By doing that, we are creating a doomed reality for ourselves. But the fact is–that reality that we create does not have to be our reality. In this Ted Talk, Isaac “challenges us to let go of excuses, assumptions and fears, and accept the awesome responsibility of being the creators of our own reality.”

Isaac explains this way better than I do. Give it a listen!

After you give this one a listen, browse around and find a different podcast that helps lift your spirits, inspire you, and teach you new things!



What’s the Word? A Word That Connects Us 

NEXUS: a connection or series of connections linking two or more things.

Our stories, journeys, struggles, successes, hardships, defeats, and accomplishments all link and connect us here. I had never considered myself to be one of many who have health issues such as myself, and I was never more wrong. 

The positivity and inspiration I see from all of you on my feed is so overwhelmingly great and I’m so happy to have a connection to you all, even if it is through health issues

I Aim To Be Like The Sunflower 🌻

While most girls wish for a bouquet of roses to show up at their door, I hope to be handed a sunflower.  

The happy flower. That big, tall, yellow thing in the distance. The flower that symbolizes adoration, loyalty and longevity. 

I don’t think there is anything quite as beautiful as the sunflower and I’ll tell you why:

On the darkest of days, this flower stands tall and faces the sun. Wherever the light may be, no matter how weak this flower may be, it always finds it. That is such an admirable trait. One I aim to adopt for myself. 

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine

-Anthony D’Angelo

I aim to be like the sunflower. To keep my face toward the sunshine so that I can’t see my shadow. 




Monday Mantra: Being Nice is Cool 

If being nice is cool, consider me Miles Davis! 

(If you don’t get the above reference, I highly suggest that your brush up on your Adam Sandler movies) 

But really, people. Just be nice. It’ll get you much further than you expect it to. Plus, it’ll make you look super cool. Bonus points right there. 

Beautiful Irony: A Spoonie Takes on the Town 

Finding it ironic (but ironically beautiful) that I felt well enough and excited to go out on #NarcolepsyAwarenessDay 😌👍🏼 My lifestyle now is so different than the lifestyle I was able to lead a year ago in college. Not being able to adventure out every weekend anymore due to health shenanigans sometimes makes me sad, but it also makes it much more exciting and gives me more to look forward to when I actually make it out now. 💃🏼 

We have to take advantage of each and every day that we feel good enough to spend time with our friends and family and when we feel good enough to embrace our choice of fun.