Thursday’s Tips & Tricks: The AWARE Technique 

Thursday’s tips and tricks❇️ Fear can often overtake the entirety of our thoughts. Fear of the unknown. Fear that we’ll never feel as good as we did in the past. Fear that nothing will ever get better with our health. I hate admitting it but I’ve given into fear more often than I’m proud of. While this AWARE technique is much much easier in theory than in practice, it’s at least worth it to try to keep it in the back of your mind throughout the day. 

this is taken from the book: “You are doing a freaking great job”

Thursday’s Tips and Tricks: Wave Bye Bye To All Them Haters 👋🏼

All of my Friends enthusiasts will appreciate this week’s Tips and Tricks advice:

It’s hard not to feel uncomfortable, nervous and afraid when you decide to put your story and journey out in the public for people to see. I know I was hesitant for a while when choosing to share very personal blog posts about my health journey on things like Facebook, where everyone can see and read about what I’m going through. 👀

Here’s the truth, y’all: Some people will encourage you. Some will judge you silently. Some will praise you for being brave enough to share. Some will question you and everything you’re facing. 

But no matter what ☝🏼️ just keep the mindset that those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind. 👌🏼 If you get questions or judgment from outsiders, just pull a Joey and don’t put any thought or care into what they’re saying 🙅🏼Because you’re awesome and brave, and sharing your story matters to so many! 💛💛 do you booboo 💁🏼 

Thursday’s Tips & Tricks: Happy Napping 

I know that I need to start taking my own advice, especially when it comes to how long I nap. Because even though I know it’s not good for me to nap a long time, I just can’t betray my bed like that 😁
But if you find yourself wanting to treat your body better, definitely take a look at this cute little graphic that shows the healthy amount of napping time needed! 


Tips and Tricks: Resource Pages 

Recently I’ve added three new pages to my blog: resources pages for headaches/migraines, narcolepsy, and food allergies.
I went through all the resources as I was choosing which were most beneficial to share (there’s a lot, because there’s so much helpful info out there!) and realized that I wasn’t even aware of half of the info/websites/etc that I shared. That means that there are so many resources for us spoonies to take advantage of: clinical trials, foundations and organizations, blogs, support groups, fact sheets, and so much more! 💻📋📝 I strongly urge you to visit some of these resources every week or so because there’s always new info for us to take advantage of. We need all the help we can get, might as well take advantage of the free help! 

Thursday’s Tips and Tricks: Even When Discouraged, Keep Trying New Methods/Treatments 

The Daily Migraine is a site that brings hope and encouragement to people who suffer from chronic migraines. Even though I have chronic headaches with sporadic migraines, meaning I’m not their EXACT audience, this site is so relatable for anyone who suffers from any type of headache. 

It’s where I picked up this weeks “tips and tricks” idea:

When we feel like we can’t try anymore. When we think “what the hell is the point of trying another medication, another therapy, or any other treatment thrown our way?” When we feel like there’s no point in trying anymore. 

This is when we must push ourselves to try even harder. 

I have tried so many medications that I don’t even remember all of them. Honestly, my doctor will say “oh have you tried medication___?” And I say “No, what’s that?” And then they will say “Oh wait, I see in your records you tried that a few years ago” yeah.. It’s sad. 

I’ve seen specialists, GP’s, holistic doctors, etc. I’ve tried it all. Explored it all. Or have I?

There’s always something new to try and you owe it to yourself, to your body, to your mind, to try it all (given its safe for you.) 

Listen to your doctors (when you have a good relationship with them.) Do your own research. Keep on trying.

Tips and Tricks: Keeping a Health Journal 

This Christmas, I got two planners. One from my sister and one from my mom. They thought two was one too many at the time, but I assured them that it would actually be beneficial! Because wait for it… I can purpose one solely for my health planning and tracking–which is exactly what I did ☝🏼️

 This planner I use to keep track of what and how many meds/supplements I take each day, my doctors appointments, my symptoms, my pain level for each day, new symptoms I notice, any progress or backwards steps I experience, etc.📖 

Sometimes I get behind and have to go back and add info for days I forgot to track, but overall it really helps me keep track of everything going on in my health journey. Most spoonies don’t just have one problem; most of the time we have many issues to take on. Keeping a journal like this one I’ve found to be very helpful! And encouraging at times. 

Special s/o to my mama for buying me this awesome planner ❤ ️

Stress Relief Tip: Find a Meditation Method That Works For You

Stress relief tip: find your own method of mediation
Every day we experience new stress and come across new bumps in the road. Spoonies specifically face unpredictable days every day. The best way to deal with this stress and life’s complications, is to find a way to meditate, relax, and bring peace to your mind. 
One way for me is to do yoga. Even though I can’t always practice yoga because of my headaches, when I’m feeling well enough, I try to find time to get on my mat. It helps me quiet my mind, strengthen my body, and push aside things that are worrying or bothering me. 
Do any of you all use yoga as a method of personal meditation? What do you do for yourself in order to find peace of mind during times of stress?