Hope For Progress, Rather Than Fear The Disappointment 

I have gone through months where I’ve effectively given up, only to give myself a wide wake up call that I needed to pick myself out of my funk and continue to try to find an effective treatment. No matter how walls I ran into and how many failed attempts there were, I had to keep trying.
I hope that you keep fighting to find an effective treatment. Or if you’re in a funk and you’ve lost hope, that you find the strength to try again. Because hope is the only thing stronger than fear. Hope that there is a treatment out there, rather than the fear of never finding an answer.

Thursday Tips & Tricks: Theracane 

This is the Theracane.

I bought it at the PT office I was going to for therapy appointments for my head/neck. Basically, this theracane mimics the massage techniques done by the physical therapists in order to restore muscle function; relieve tension, stiffness soreness, etc; and basically just help your body feel better!

For headaches: I use it on my neck, upper back and the spot right where the back of my head meets my neck. I apply pressure and try to relieve tension in those areas, because that kind of tension can worsen headaches and even cause headaches for some.
I’d definitely recommend buying one, especially because you can use it on so many areas of your body! 

My Trial And Error Life: Trying Treatment After Treatment 

An experiment.

A never-ending process of trial and error.

A frustrating, tiresome and continuous cycle.


The above is how I describe my health journey, and sometimes how I describe my life in general, because my headaches have become my whole life over the past couple of years. My health journey and life journey have merged into one, really.


When people ask me if I’ve tried a specific medicine or not for my chronic daily headaches and migraines, it truly takes a lot of effort for me to not chuckle out loud in response. Not because what I think they’re asking is ridiculous. In fact, I appreciate others trying to help me find a solution. I  just can’t help but chuckle because all I want to say, and sometimes I actually do say outloud is, “Trust me I’ve tried them all.”  OTC’s, anti-seizures, antidepressants, blood pressure medicines, beta blockers, the whole shebang. I’ve been around the block when it comes to poppin prescriptions. (it’s not as rowdy as it sounds, I promise.) Pills were all my doctors could think of to push to me. “Oh topamax didn’t work? Try Nortriptyline.”


But, about six months ago, I got to the point where I couldn’t put my body through anymore torture. I couldn’t try another pill. But a doctor I’m seeing told me to give a new medicine a try. You see, even when pill after pill doesn’t seem to do anything for your pain, you start to get discouraged. Heavily discourage. But with the daily head pain I endure, my body and my mental strength can’t afford to be discouraged. No matter how pessimistic I may feel about a pill potentially me, I usually always give it a go, just in case this time it miraculously works.


Well, as luck would have it, the last pill (from the above scenario describe) I tried did not work and in fact gave me adverse reactions that my doctor had never witnessed before. Being told
“Oh really? That’s very interesting. I’ve never heard of any patients reporting those side effects before” isn’t really the uplifting news you hope to hear going into your appointments. I wanted to say “Oh really? No one else ever felt like their migraines tripled in intensity? No one else ever felt so dizzy that they thought maybe they accidentally somehow got drunk at work in the middle of the day? No one else reported feeling like I was a zombie, not being able to focus on anything at all? Well isn’t that dandy that I could be the first person to experience all of those things.” But I didn’t say those things, of course. Mostly because I respect and like my doctors too much and because I know it’s not fair of me to say such things.


Instead, I sulked. I hit a low. I pretty much told myself that there was no helping the pain I feel from when I wake to when I shut my eyes again at night. I told myself that I would just have to keep on truckin’ with no hope for any relief in the foreseeable future.


But then, the next time around,my doctor started suggesting some new treatment ideas that in fact were not revolved around me swallowing about four pills a day. These new treatments include: Physical therapy, atlas orthogonal, botox, etc.


As always, I was and still am skeptical about the proposed treatments and try not to set my hopes too high on the idea of the treatments helping me feel better.


It’s gravely exhausting on the body and the mind to spend years of your life trying medicine after medicine, treatment after treatment, and never seeing enough progress to turn my frown upside down. Thinking about how much I’ve put my body through physically, by trying every chemical under the sun just to get the pounding in my head to subside, is sickening. To try treatment after treatment, just to get nowhere is a process that I’ll never get used to, but probably also will never be able get rid of.


A smart person once said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”


To keep my sanity, I have to try every new thing that my doctors and I can think of, because it’s not healthy to continue doing the same thing repetitively if it’s not producing any new and different results.


The irony, however, comes into play when the reality hits that actually, doing new and different things over and over again and never seeing different results is actually what causes the sanity to slip away from you.


But that’s when you have to force your fortitude, perseverance, strength and dreams of one day feeling better to overcome all of the discouragement and feelings of creeping insanity that you may be feeling.


I must keep trying new methods. I have to give new treatments a chance.
People throughout history have found amazing things through the process of trial and error, why does it have to be any different for me?


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Thursday’s Tips and Tricks: Even When Discouraged, Keep Trying New Methods/Treatments 

The Daily Migraine is a site that brings hope and encouragement to people who suffer from chronic migraines. Even though I have chronic headaches with sporadic migraines, meaning I’m not their EXACT audience, this site is so relatable for anyone who suffers from any type of headache. 

It’s where I picked up this weeks “tips and tricks” idea:

When we feel like we can’t try anymore. When we think “what the hell is the point of trying another medication, another therapy, or any other treatment thrown our way?” When we feel like there’s no point in trying anymore. 

This is when we must push ourselves to try even harder. 

I have tried so many medications that I don’t even remember all of them. Honestly, my doctor will say “oh have you tried medication___?” And I say “No, what’s that?” And then they will say “Oh wait, I see in your records you tried that a few years ago” yeah.. It’s sad. 

I’ve seen specialists, GP’s, holistic doctors, etc. I’ve tried it all. Explored it all. Or have I?

There’s always something new to try and you owe it to yourself, to your body, to your mind, to try it all (given its safe for you.) 

Listen to your doctors (when you have a good relationship with them.) Do your own research. Keep on trying.