WEGO Health Awards

The WEGO Health Awards are baaaack! This year is the 6th annual WEGO Health Awards and I am honored and excited to say that I have been nominated for “Best in Show: Instagram” and “Best in Show: Twitter

I would greatly appreciate you voting for me!! All you have to do is click on my nominee profile here: https://awards.wegohealth.com/nominees/12560 and click on the orange Endorse button underneath my picture. **NOTE** You can vote twice (once for each category I have been nominated for) 🙂



WEGO Health is a community for health activists who are making an impact in the world through use of their social media. It’s a community that empowers health activists to keep raising awareness for their cause and to keep encouraging and lifting up their peers.

Last year, I was selected as a finalist for two categories (Best in show: Instagram & Best in show: Pinterest)  WEGO Health Activist Awards for their 5th Annual Awards Ceremony!

A special thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for me for these awards 🙂 You all keep me inspired and keep me advocating!

Being selected for these awards allowed me to engage with some of the most inspiring and strong people out there!